Broken Springs

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Are you having issues with your residential garage or overhead commercial door springs? Is the only way to get out of the carport by struggling and risking pinched fingers? If you are getting really tired of the constant problem, and it’s only getting worse, Seattle Garage Door Repair offer a huge array of services that will have you back in your garage, warehouse or underground parking structure quickly. With Seattle Garage Door Repair broken spring repair has become a specialty, because of this Seattle Garage Door Repair has become synonymous with secure, quality, and well serviced garage doors.

Seattle Garage Door Repair offer the state of the art in spring repair and not only offer minor repair but can go as far as restructuring the entire face of the garage. Offering repairs in broken springs, that cause bowed or broken rollers, and twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks, has insured our reputation. When the work is done by a specialist, you know it’s done right. Consequently, you never need worry again about spring repair or replacement.

Torsion Springs

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Builders often use the cheapest materials and parts when installing garage doors for residences. The torsion springs that allow you to open your gate, and actually lift the whole weight, have a cycle life. It means that they can open and close a door a limited number of times. They normally break when they surpass their limit, which is normally two or three years depending on usage.

When you start feeling your door has problems opening, it looks crooked, it stops when is going up, the springs look separated, or you hear loud bangs when opening the door, it is time to replace your springs. Maybe only one is broken, but they should be both replaced because they have the same cycle life and the other one will surely break soon. Seattle Garage Doors Repair can install low cycle springs, which will last close to three years, or you can choose to have our high cycle springs that will ensure that you will not have to worry for many years of regular use. Never trust a company that promises springs that would last a lifetime. They all have a limited cycle life. Never try to open a garage door when your springs are damaged. It will strain your garage door opener, and can cause it to break. More importantly, never try to replace or fix the springs by yourself. It is a very dangerous task that should only be done by a certified expert.

Extension Spring

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These are a bit longer and more durable than torsion springs, and are usually installed for smaller garage doors. Damaged extension springs can cause problems that are similar to a broken torsion spring. You can know when to replace them when you hear them snap when you open the door. They become elongated with time or just break. It is important to have them replaced and calibrated at the same time so both sides open and close at the same time. Call your experts at Seattle Garage Door Repair whenever you feel you have a broken spring. They are specialists in repairing and giving maintenance to your garage doors in the whole Seattle area.