Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

A garage door is a huge investment in the look, security and value of your home or business that you need to maintain at all times. When properly maintained, it secures your business or house, your vehicle and storage space. But what happens if you fall behind on regular maintenance? What happens if the lock or garage door no longer work in an optimal manner? What would you do if you had broken remotes or worse still broken springs? Call Seattle Garage Door Repair) we’re here to help!

Knowing what to look for and how to fix these issues before they become a BIG problem is what the professionals are for. Too many break ins happen in Seattle at homes because a garage’s door was broken or not properly adjusted, knowing that this is one of the easiest and most unseen ways to enter a home, thieves take advantage of this situation on a daily basis. You need to make sure that your locks are working and your new garage door can’t be opened manually without a controller. If you don’t know what to look for, give us a call at Seattle Garage Door Repair and one of our security experts can pop over and give you some advice. Our quotes are free, and your security and safety are very important to us.

Another all too common issue is when your door starts to squeal. Knowing that something is grinding, and feeling yourself flinch every time you use the garage door opener can really start to wear on your nerves. Seeing your neighbors watch as the door lurches and screams can be one of the more embarrassing things you have to deal with too. Never mind the knowing that if you don’t do something quick, the whole system could jam. So why wait, call Seattle Garage Door Repair for a quick tune up or service. At Seattle Garage Door Repair we can let you know if it’s a simple matter of lubing the works or if it’s a sign of more wear that requires a garage door repair. But either way, Seattle Garage Door Repair will take that stress and embarrassment off your shoulders and fix it fast.

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From repairs to replacements to complete commercial garage door installs, Seattle Garage Door Repair is on the top of the heap. Our years of experience and quality workmanship have paid off with monumental word of mouth advertising, allowing us to stop focussing on sales and do what we do best, and that’s quality garage door service.

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