Remote Issues

Remote Issues

Have you noticed your clicker, or remote is starting to act up? Is it a broken remote or just temperamental? Now is a great time to get it looked at. Seattle Garage Door Repair offers all types of broken remote repairs and service, everything from recalibration and replacement to showing you how to replace the batteries. Why not swing by our location and let us test it for you right now? We’ll be happy to help, and you’ll be happy to not get left stranded with a permanently open or closed door.

Regardless of the problem, Seattle Garage Door Repair and their team of garage opener professionals can have it fixed in no time. Knowing that maintenance and the occasional professional garage door service can add years of life to your door and remove a ton of stress from your life now, there is no reason to not contact us and get a free quote or advice. Problems will always crop up, but if it’s a garage door, residential or commercial, we have you covered. We provide the best, quality garage door service in Seattle, so call Seattle Garage Door Repair.

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